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Maids of Honor

Courtney Epps, Sister

Courtney and I have grown closer and closer over the years. Although we have differences, she is a continual support to me and I could not ask for a better sister and friend combination. Her sincerity and generosity is not only a blessing to me but a valuable life lesson I've learned from her. I’m honored to have her by my side on my wedding day. I love you, Sis!

Kasey Hanlon, Sorority Sister

Honest definition of a best friend from day one. Even though we don't reside in the same town, we always pick up where we left off, and it’s been this way since we met in college. We enjoy many of the same activities from people-watching to shopping and everything in between. I'm delighted to have her as my second maid of honor for the wedding.


Morgan Schoeling, Sorority Sister

Morgan and I met in college, and she is nothing but pure joy. She is always smiling and that is what gravitates people to her. I couldn't imagine life without her, her laugh and her friendship.

Brooke Lunsford, Friend

We've been through it all it seems. We met in sixth grade, but didn’t become good friends until seventh grade. Brooke has always been a great source of support. Although she lives in Dallas now, we are still close. I'm lucky and grateful to have her as a friend.

Evan Glass, Sorority Sister

From the moment I met Evan in college, I knew I wanted to be her friend. She is a little ball of energy. Since we met, her personality and spark bring a never-ending smile to my face when I'm around her.

Ashley Emert, Friend

For quite some time now, Ashley continues to play an important role in my life—a devoted sounding board. We became friends in seventh grade. Ashley has shown compassion, love and caring for others. She is a treasure I cherish, even though she is now an Arkansasan.

House Party

Brooke Myers, Friend

From the day I met her in kindergarten, I knew we'd be lifelong friends even though she saran-wrapped me to her trundle bed while I lay innocently sleeping. Brooke and I have created some great memories over the years, and they aren’t over yet!

Paige Taylor, Friend

I met and became good friends with Paige in middle school. We cheered together at school and competitively. Paige has always been a good friend, and I know we will be friends for years to come.

Amber Webster, Friend

Her sense of humor and laugh get me every time. We met in middle school while cheering at school, and she always made practice a little more enjoyable with her jokes, smile and contagious laugh.

Megan Nobile, Friend

Megan and I met in elementary school. We cheered together on two squads and then she moved to private school in ninth grade. Oddly enough, she transferred to Bishop Kelley where Blake also went to high school. We remain friends today despite the distance.

Paige Stuart, Friend

Paige is my Caravan line-dancing partner and Blake’s cousin! From the day I was thrown into the Stuart family functions, Paige always made me feel welcome. She is now a great friend, and I enjoy it when she is around.

Best Men

Jordan Gray, Brother

Jordan is not only my brother, but my best friend. When I’m not with Lindsay, I am usually with him in the great outdoors—hunting, fishing and golfing. Since we were little, Jordan and I have enjoyed the outdoors and I thank him for teaching me much of what I know today.

Zach Gray, Brother

Our age difference of 10 years doesn’t stand in the way of Zach and I being best friends. Even though he is my brother, he was also like a father to me growing up. And now he has three kids of his own—Tyler, Conner and Everly—with his wife, Jennifer, and is a great role model to them while continuing to be a role model to me as well.


James Alame, Friend

We met in middle school. James and I always have a good time with each other and there is never a dull moment.

Jack Yandell, Friend

I have known and been friends with Jack since we met in pre-school. Despite our long distance relationship during college and now in the work world, we remain great friends and I always enjoy speaking with him and keeping up with his life.

John Owens, Friend

John has always been a good friend since we met in high school. He has also taken on a role as a nutritionist and personal trainer occasionally.

Matt Brown, Friend

Matt and I are on the golf course every weekend, well almost. We also thoroughly enjoy “Golden Tee” (a golfing video game). I enjoy playing golf, no matter the medium, with Matt. He is also a great father to his two kids—Tucker and Reece—with his wife, Erica.


David Higgins, Friend

David and I met in high school and his house was an awesome hangout for our group of friends as we got older—anything from playing pool to swimming in the pool.

Sam Plost, Friend

Sam is one of the nicest and smartest people I know. Since we met in high school, I have always enjoyed Sam’s company and friendship.

Rob Lawley, Friend

If you are ever at a gas station with Rob, don’t count on him to be outside when you come out. HA! There is never a dull moment with Rob and we have been great friends since high school. Always a good laugh.

Terence Begnal, Friend

Terence and I have loved playing golf together since we met in high school. I am proud to say that Terence has never and will never beat me in golf, but he is always up for the challenge, and I really enjoying playing with him.

Ty Fulps, Friend

Ty and I met because we both enjoy the outdoors. I met him through my brother, Jordan. As a fellow outdoorsman, he joins me for my annual hog hunt and the other random trips I take throughout the hunting seasons.